Secret to Happiness & Success

Think about something you want — a relationship, a career path, a personal goal. Does it scare you? Is it something YOU honestly want (verses “should” want or others want for you)?
  • This scares me + it’s not something I want = Danger! DO NOT ATTEMPT.
  • This doesn’t scare me + it’s not something I want = Pointless. Don’t bother. There’s nothing here for you.
  • This doesn’t scare me + it’s something I want = Meh. Success is likely, but growth and fulfillment is not. Mediocre results.
  • This scares me + it’s something I want = YES! THIS IS WHERE LIFE IS!!! DO THIS.
  • I’m not sure how I feel about it = Wait and see, no action required at this time, just keep busy and live your life normally for now. Clarity will come automatically in its own time.
When your heart says “I want this,” but this also terrifies you and you don’t know “how” it’s gonna happen — THAT’S what you want to be and do. Just start. Any way you can. Fail forward. Mess up. Make mistakes. Just start in any small step towards it.
Miracles happen when you do. That’s where all the magic in life is.