I write a lot of fantasy, science-fiction, superhero adventure, romance, and drama. I do a lot of ghost writing, so I can’t list those books here. But here’s something that¬†is published in my own name that I think you’ll enjoy.


Mastermind’s Mutants

When his world-traveling uncle returns from the Far East with a mysterious magical crystal, Luke has no idea how his life — and the lives of everyone around him — will change forever. The crystal, he soon learns, can open up portals to distant planets. And on one such planet, he discovers a giant pyramid that may actually be an ancient alien spaceship.

Meanwhile on Earth, a man with the power to control people’s minds simply by looking into their eyes and issuing a command, has plans of his own. Plans to build an army of super powered mutant slaves.

And before long, Luke and his friends get entangled in a battle with the fate of the world at stake. Will he become the hero he always dreamed he’d be — or fall short, and let a far superior villain rise to power and destroy humanity as we know it?

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COMING SOON: Therapy for Super Villains

Failing at being bad, these ex-super villains are giving it a go at being good. But turning over a new leaf is harder than it seems. They became villains for a reason — tragic back stories and all that — and they’re gonna need a lot of therapy first.

This is an experimental book, combining “super hero fantasy fiction” with “self-help and personal growth.” The characters are fictional. The life lessons are real. Sit in on their therapy sessions and maybe learn a thing or two about yourself.

Some of the characters from this book will appear in the new short film, Villains Anonymous.